I still love World of Warcraft, after many years of playing.  I started out... way back in April, 2006. I thought my husband was a bit crazy for loading up the Trial Version of WoW on my computer.  This came about when I became so focused on what he was playing at that time.  The more I sat beside him to watch him play in this mysterious, incredibly immersive world, the more I became concerned with what happened to his character.  I never imagined I'd still be playing to this day.

The first character I created, after very careful consideration, was my Holy Paladin, Gwynnevere.  Named after a combination of my real name and the Camelot version:  Wynne and Guinevere. Gwynnevere.

This site will mainly focus on the frivolous and fun... and addictive WoW feature:  Transmogrification